About Maryalicia

Maryalicia has been travelling since she was allowed to cross streets by herself (what was her mother thinking!) She lived by the shore in Brooklyn, NY.

In those days –a long time ago now –she would set out with a map, plasters in case of heel blisters, some chocolate and a notepad and pen with which to record her impressions. Many years were to pass before Maryalicia would be paid to travel.

She was a copywriter on Madison Avenue in the ‘Madmen’ days, wrote a children’s book (Horse in the House), worked as a journalist in New York, moved to Dublin and became a travel writer. She is currently travel correspondent for Eurotimes.

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We were thinking of you the other (and often) and wondered how you are in these strange times? We moved to London almost five years ago and settled close to Kingston-Upon-Thames along the river in a place called Thames Ditton. Our daughter Ava is now fifteen and attends a lovely school close by and is doing well. Deanna changed jobs after roughly twenty years with Edelman and now heads up comms for a relatively new company called SYSTEMIQ (former McKinsey consultants now leading the way in change for the environment through circular economic redeployment globally) in other words, climate change facilitators and doing an amazing job. For me, my tourism industry career has come to a halt (much to do with C-19) but secretly, wanted to retire in London and having bought a motorboat, enjoying time attending art classes and supporting my girls as an unpaid butler 😉 HOW ARE YOU? We have not been in touch with my cousins down the lane from you however, Yvonne’s sister Tish (not sure you have met her) is a regular contact for me back in Ireland. Another of our brothers lives not too far by car from us near Reading and we see a lot of his family. We miss America for the right reasons and are pretty sure we will stay put in England for the foreseeable future. We hope to make a trip to my home town of Dublin (the real capital of Europe) and to visti with family and friends (would love to see you again) and so for now, stay safe and let us know you are well. Love always, Stephen T., Deanna and Ava xxx

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