After You Poetry

After You

This poem was begun on the night my husband died.. I wasn’t sure I would survive the pain. I thought of the way a bomb disposal expert records what he is doing so that if he doesn’t make it, others will know where and why he failed…..’Now I am cutting the red wire’ . I began that night in February and wrote a poem a month for twelve months. Each one records a stage in the journey.

Here I was in June:

Sometimes now the fog lifts

And I see the shore

But my boat has no oars

And days are sails that fail to catch the wind

I’ll sleep

The tide must turn soon


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Cruse Bereavement Care and its counterpart Cruse Bereavement Care Scotland are the United Kingdom’s largest bereavement charity, which provide free care and bereavement counselling to people suffering from grief. After You is included in their list of six books which might be helpful to those who have lost a partner. It is also recommended by the Good Grief Trust.